Another round of musing :)

Welcome to another random newsletter - it has been awhile.

The other day I saw an article sharing that the movie “Dead Poets Society” was 30 years old and I was how fast time flies and I was reminded that indeed we must all and always “carpe diem”.  I adored that film and the quote from Ulysses (Tennyson) in the film, “To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not To Yield”. This phrase had special meaning at the time as I was then working for Outward Bound.

As an adult with many interests it can be a challenge to seize the day for every interest and sometimes I have to ask my interests and my goals to take turns :)

I have moved my open water swimming goals to the top of the list for the for a spell as I will attempt to swim the English Channel in August.  So many of my creative ideas and inspiration are derived from my travels and from water that I think I will be returning from this adventure with new ideas for my jewelry.

Also at the top of the list is experimenting with designs as I learn CAD skills.  This work has not yet made it to my website, but is available locally and by request. Flitting between the computer and the jewelers bench is fun!

It is my fervent desire that we all embrace life with an openness to the new by jumping into the unknown.  Thank you for hanging in there with me as I cultivate new experiences and new ideas.