Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design is back!

Carol-lynn Swol Jewelry Design is back!

Time to celebrate, I am offering a discount of 21% on all orders until the end of September - 21% off for the 21 miles I swam :)

Enter this code at checkout: 21Miles21Off

I decided a couple of years ago that I would take my open water swimming to the next level by attempting to swim the English Channel.  The training for such a feat took its toll on my studio time, but I have no regrets as I juggled my interests and successfully swam from England to France on August 8, 2019.

Swimming the English Channel is a big undertaking and I was keen to attempt such a swim as I needed to throw myself into a personal challenge.  As a younger adult I had opportunities to test my physical capabilities, but in more recent years I’ve dedicated myself more to creative endeavors, so I began to feel compelled to push myself harder in the physical realm. 

The water was as “bumpy” as promised - but I just kept swimming.  There were moments I was thinking I was done before my feet landed on a beach in France, but I dug into my own well to persevere and accomplished my goal and thought of the cheering squad of dear people rooting for me - and I just kept swimming.  

It is now time to return to the joy I find in creative endeavors. Photos from my travels inform my jewelry and I have many new images to inspire the next line of jewelry - please stay tuned as I hope to have new work online for the upcoming holiday season.

Just keep swimming.  Just keep making. Just keep living.  

Keep getting out there - doing what you love!