learning to self model & faffing about this Fall

learning to self model & faffing about this Fall

I am not going to lie, these pandemic days are hard on the soul and I have done a little too much faffing about*.  I love that phrase "faffing about" and it too often defines my days. But I strive everyday to be productive in some way as I stay home and stay pretty strictly socially distanced. 

We all need to find a space to foster mental health, and for me that always leads to water.  It is cold here in Maryland, but I am still finding the time to swim in the open water a couple-few times a week.  The bracing cold and the joy of being outside help me feel centered and energized.

CLSwol headshot at Swim Beach

One way I deployed this energy is my taking photographs of myself modeling my pendants to show their size.  Sometimes a ruler is not enough to show the scale of jewelry on the body. This was a challenge for me, but I have gotten more comfortable, so I will likely use myself, for now, as a pendant and hand model.

Six round images of CLSwol modeling pendants


As the Covid-19 pandemic crisis continues to impact gathering with family and friends this year I would like to encourage you to find that which gives you the mental resilience to ride this storm.





*"If you say that someone is faffing about or faffing around, you mean that they are doing things in a disorganized way and not achieving very much." www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/faff-about)