Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
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More Iterations of Stacked Forms are in the Works

Materials change. Processes change. Forms evolve. But my visual vocabulary endures. 

I have a long history with the stacked form and I make no apologies (wink wink) for the continuation of making forms through stacking and I see no end in sight :)

I embrace the slower pace of spending more time on individual jewelry items created in my studio - at my jewelers bench and/or at my computer.

But! I am a solo bench jeweler, so working slowly means lower inventory and sadly new items do not make it to this website as well it should - so what can I do?


Thank you for being on this jewelry journey with me.

All best to you!

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