On Color

I shy away from using a lot of color in my work.  What is so unnerving about playing with color? Nothing really, but….

Once upon a time I visited a Claude Monet exhibit of his snowy winter scenes and it enthralled me.

Using a palette that exploits a subtle of use color variation and color interaction to illustrate a scene and to evoke an emotion reminded me that this too can be visually intriguing.

I had not thought about that exhibit in a while but I can see how the impact of seeing a roomful of these winter scenes  have lingered in head and likely informs my approach to color when I ink dye my Tyvek forms.
I am currently in the process of creating my next line of jewelry using sterling,  gold-filled metal, and gemstones. This palette too will be subtle highlighting the inherent metal color with a pop of color - reds, oranges, light purples, and blues.

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