Opposites attract. Opposites repel. Opposites keep life interesting.

We all have many sides.  Sometimes we are shy and sometimes we are bold. I want to provide adornments for many moods, and playing with binary opposition is a thread that has run through my creative endeavors for a while. I recently rediscovered this book on my bookshelf, and it shows that I have been dancing between dichotomies for years. I created this book in graduate school playing with opposites—the style of elegant tomes and that of pulp fiction paperback novels—mixing faux leather and gold embossing with the fun images, paper style, and font. The title implies a sedate reference book, but the short story—written by my husband—is a sort of dark office romance.

from a shout to a whisper, jewelry designed to attract and engage

How do you decide whether to shout or to whisper with the jewelry you wear?

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