Recently Launched Pendants To Adorn The Feminine Self

I adore using this antique die to create texture in the jewelry I design in sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold-filled wire and sheet metal. I have been and always will be enamored by the tools and processes of our past and will giddily seek out ways to blend the old and the new.  

My recently launched sterling and gold-filled pendants harken to a romantic past by using this pattern stamped into the metal.

These pendants are hand-shaped, soldered, and set with 4mm faceted gemstones.  I use both natural and simulated gemstones in my jewelry and in this line of pendants I have set either a simulated alexandrite, a London blue topaz, an American Mined™ Idaho Garnet™, or an American Mined™ Lake County Fire Opal™ from Oregon.  

These classic shapes, embellished with an antique scrolling texture and a single gemstone, and placed on a darkened sterling chain transports the wearer to the flourishes of the late 1800s with a modern edge to adorn the feminine self.