Repetitions of form, forms of repetition

Repetitions of form, forms of repetition

Hello again, it sure has been a while and I am happy to focus again on my creative endeavors. I have been working on my product photography skills and working to list jewelry on this website and I am thrilled to share new jewelry is listed - mostly in the new CAD Collection.
This collection illustrates an evolution in process using “DNA” from my Tyvek work to continue the visual journey harkening to travel, adventures, and natural places.

The limited-edition computer-aided designed jewelry in this collection has been 3-D printed in plastic or 3-D printed and then cast in either sterling, brass, or a steel alloy.

Once all available items sitting on my bench have been listed online, I will resume designing and making new jewelry.

Due to Covid-19 closures and social distancing - I will be making more at my jewelers bench for the Anvil collection and no new work will be made for the Tyvek or the CAD collections for the next little bit as I like work at a public makerspaces for laser-cutting my Tyvek and I send my CAD files to a company for 3-D printing and casting.

I follow, hear, and listen to small business coaches and I find a lot of the advice shared useful and I work to implement such best practices, but one aspect I struggle with is to engage fully in a definitive jewelry line.  Maybe I need to organize myself in such a way, or maybe my limited-edition small-run productions will be my path forward. I am thankful for your interest in my creative journey as I design jewelry for a few different collections.

Please stay tuned as more jewelry in the CAD and the Anvil collection will be added soon.

All best!