White 3D printed wavy earrings on slate

Spring and Growth and Jewelry

Spring is a season of growth and my life as a studio jeweler follows this seasonal pattern as new jewelry is budding. Society is waking slowly as we emerge from the darkest period of the pandemic and I am feeling renewed as an artist and maker.

Do you live local to the DC-metro area? I am thrilled to share that you can now purchase my jewelry in a shop dedicated to creatives living and working in, and in close proximity to, Washington, DC. You can now shop a selection of my jewelry in-person or online at Shop Made in DC in Georgetown.

I have also created a shop in the Shapeways marketplace where you can purchase print-on-demand jewelry at my shop called "iiiterate shift". This shop offers a variety of color options for a selection of my designs printed in plastic. I opted to name this shop after my MFA thesis show because I love the phrase, and the weird spelling, and the meaning still fits.

As a bench jeweler, I generate unused bits of sterling and gold.  I like to recycle my scraps and/or old jewelry to give them new life-often using old tools to do so.  My recycled jewelry line can be found on Etsy at CLPoore Jewelry.

Thank you for being a part of my studio-jeweler journey as I explore iterations of my designs, new ideas, traditional bench jewelry, my budding CAD skills, and more...and I look forward to applying a subtle ink wash to my 3D printed lightweight and bold iterations I ordered in white plastic.