The quiet month(s) for designing & making

The quiet month(s) for designing & making

I take pleasure in and inspiration from items made by our ancestors. I recently referenced those influences, as well as travel influences, in an artist video I put together for a holiday market event.

During what is proving to be a tumultuous time in US history, I find myself reaching out to things that settle my mind and foster my creativity. I find comfort in objects made and used by people from hundreds or thousands of years ago.  Their objects and their architectural remains are evidence that we endure -- through tumultuous political and social upheaval, we strive, and we make better.

Before setting off on a new venture, I often look back before moving forward.  I did this when I first entered graduate school and I am doing it now.  I made this work, called Antecedent, many moons ago. It represents an evolution of form and an evolution of materials presented in a case I made to reference the Victorian-era practice of collecting objects for display. The Victorian-era collecting and display of objects, like its practice of anthropology/archaeology in general, was not without its issues, but nonetheless it informed this work.

Art Display Non Practical Finger Rings
I have been looking again at photos I took at museums I visited abroad and closer to home for inspiration for the next limited edition line of jewelry.  I am sharing with you two cropped-beyond-identification photographs that have inspired work currently in the making. My goal is to draw ideas from these past objects rather than mimic them, and neither object was used for adornment (but one is part of a fashion accessory).

Cropped Abstracted Images of Old Museum Artifacts
I hope that this glimpse into my journey as a designer and maker intrigues you and that you are now curious about what I will offer in a month or so. Please stay tuned
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