Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
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Winter Swim Inspired Statement Necklace

Inspired by my winter swimming for health and wellness, I designed and made a statement necklace titled “Winter Swims at Sandy Point” that I will submit for jurying into a local craft exhibition.  

Late yesterday the necklace took a field trip with me to Sandy Point for a winter dip.  Inspired by this watery place, this pendant seeks to capture the essence of my winter swim spot.  Made of sterling silver and karat gold, I sought to capture the waves, the sunlight, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Artist Wearing Necklace in the Water

It was great fun to work on necklace that is larger than typical and filled with references using shape and texture. 


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