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On Color

I shy away from using a lot of color in my work.  What is so unnerving about playing with color? Nothing really, but…. Once upon a time I visited a Claude Monet exhibit of his snowy winter scenes and it enthralled me. Using a palette that exploits a subtle of use color variation and color interaction to illustrate a scene and to evoke an emotion reminded me that this too can be visually intriguing. I had not thought about that exhibit in a while but I can see how the impact of seeing a roomful of these winter scenes  have...

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Welcome ...again :)

There were website shenanigans so I am re-posting my welcome message from September. People have been wearing jewelry to adorn, to communicate, and to serve as a reminder to ourselves of our strengths and interests for thousands of years. The jewelry I make is inspired by the topography of landscapes and waterways, things that inspire me, and that I think inspire a lot of us.  The launch of the web site happily coincides with the publication of an article about my work in Belle Armoire Jewelry.

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