Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
Few-Of-A-Kind Metal, Tyvek, or Plastic Jewelry
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2018 Belle Armoire Jewelry, Autumn 2018, Stampington & Company

2011 A&C Black Publishers Ltd, design & make paper jewelry by Sarah Kelly
gallery section

2011 Lark, 21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series

2008 Desillusionist, number 15, Russia, 4 page illustrated article

2007 SOFA Chicago, 14th Annual International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art

2007 Catalog Cover, Pulp Function, Fuller Craft Museum

2006 Lark, The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry, gallery section

2006 Lark, 500 Necklaces, Contemporary Interpretations of a Timeless Form

2005 Lark, 500 Bracelets: An Inspiring Collection of Extraordinary Designs

2005 Lark, 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body

2002 Richmond, The City Magazine, Genesis exhibition photo spread, July 2002, 36

2001 Carrie Soucy, “Schwarzchild Supports Student Designers,”

JCK, September 2001, 65

2001 Hazel L. Wheaton, “Genesis I,” Lapidary Journal, September 2001, 15